Ralph Smyth Entertainment

RSE is an entertainment production company formed by four award-winning filmmakers: Andrew Lee, Russell Wayne Groves, Bradley Jackson, and David James Ward. Collectively, RSE has produced narrative and documentary films garnering over 50 film festival selections and 20 festival awards, including “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” (hosted by Joe Rogan, boasts 430,000+ Facebook fans, released by Gravitas Ventures/Warner Bros Digital), “Lord Montagu” (featuring celebrity and British royal interviews, 2012 London premiere at the BAFTA Theatre), and “Intramural aka Balls Out” (starring cast from Saturday Night Live, Twilight, The Office and premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival). Commercial work includes national TV campaigns with Proctor & Gamble, Las Vegas Tourism, AMD, etc.). RSE also specializes in viral videos with over 7M+ views through online hits such as the "Doritos - Make Your Own" video (3M views), YouTube channels "dmttsm" (1.7M views) and the recently founded comedy channel "HUMORdy" (2.9M views). RSE continues to produce successful social media content through innovative content, production value, fan interaction, and understanding target audiences.