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Telling Your Brand Story Edition

Join us Tuesday, April 24th for the Telling Your Brand Story Edition, hosted by Greenleaf Book Group and learn all guessed it, storytelling (for your brand!).

We've got you, the solopreneur / creative entrepreneur, in mind when it comes to helping you tell the story of your brand. Which is exactly why we're bringing in the big guns to help!

Get ready to spend some time chatting about...

  • Developing Personnas: aka Who Hears Your Story? - Sam Alexander, Brand Strategist - Greenleaf Book Group
  • Understanding Voice and Tone: How You Tell It Matters - AprilJo Murphy, Editor - Greenleaf Book Group
  • 5 Second Storytelling and the Art of the “Elevator Pitch" - Scott Andrew James, Poet and Author Coach -
  • Storytelling Vehicles: aka The Way You Tell It - Nate Stine, Senior Copywriter - lookthinkmake
  • Putting Yourself on Camera: Sharing Your Message with the World Wide Web - Lyn Graft, Founder - Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

Chat with each pro for 20 minutes before they rotate to the next table - speed dating style - all while getting acquainted with your tablemates that span the entire spectrum of the creative industries in Austin. Don't know what we mean by "speed dating style?" No problem! You stay planted, so pick a table of strangers (aka - friends you haven't met yet) and settle in for the ride. Every 20 minutes, one of the amazing folks listed above will drop some knowledge at your table (and please feel free to ask questions, engage and ENJOY). Each one of them will be hosting a UNIQUE discussion, so no two speakers (or conversations) are alike.

Drinks (of the "spirited" variety) and snacks are provided.

See you on the 24th!