APRIL 1ST, 2018

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!  I'm keeping this week's newsletter short and sweet since I'm full of matzo. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts. I'm hearing rumblings of a big announcement coming down this week from a major player here in town. Will update y'all when I know more.

Also, happy birthday to Rooster Teeth!  The Austin film studio just turned 15 years old, which explains it's obsession with slasher filmsvideo games and cartoons.  God help us next year when Matt Hullum has to teach them how to drive.  Congrats to ATX Media heartthrobs @bernieburns, @matthullum, and @bethanyrteeth, and check out this Twitter thread full of ye olde Rooster Teeth pictures.   #RT15  
Here are a couple of media events happening this week - if you've sufficiently recovered from your cream-egg/Peep induced coma.

4/2 - Intro to the Austin Media Scene This event is held the first Monday of every month at Capital Factory. It kicks off with me map of all the media companies based in Austin, followed by an AMA. It's become great place to get questions about Austin media answered, share insights with peers about what opportunities exist around town, and do a bit of networking/brainstorming. Open to all.

4/6 - Texas Tribune Events Center Open House - The Tribune has moved into their new office/event space and want you to see it!  Once it's completed in May it will be come a major hub of production and meet-ups in Austin. RSVP HERE
Tom Cheredar

Sinclair’s Reality Is Cracking -- Or at least the version of reality that maintains you honestly believe each of their local TV news stations are actually local. A video making the rounds this weekend managed to splice together multiple stations around the country all speaking from the same tired script about good journalism and reporting. Those things are good, and I don’t doubt there a real commitment at most of these stations, but the optics of a stunt like this really makes you think, what other talking points and segments are being directed? [Via YouTube]

More Spectrum News In Austin -- Speaking of local TV news, Spectrum News is hoping to make their mark as one of the only non-broadcast affiliate station to offer local news. The Statesman has a good write up on the strategy, which you can read here.  They're also going to be expanding this model into the LA market if any Austin based documentarians/producers are looking for a new gig.  

Texas Food Writers Grapple with How to Cover Paul Qui - "The media is getting tougher on the celebrity chef, who announced a new Dallas restaurant even as his Austin trail is set to begin soon." [via Texas Monthly]

Amazon Jumping into TV News? -- And just to round out this light news week with even more news about TV news, Amazon seems to be dipping its toes into the water. Recode reports that “Amazon recently hired research firm Qualtrics to ask Amazon users how they ‘experience the news.’” It’s important to point out, this doesn’t mean Amazon will be jumping into the news production game. This could easily be tied to a great many things, like advertising or a new local news affiliate partnership for Amazon Prime… Who knows, but it’s worth a look. [via Recode]

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